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Training Sessions
Training Programme

One of the key concepts underpinning distance running is that of progressive overload; gradually increasing the quality and intensity of your training in a controlled manner. The training objective for each of the sessions is explained briefly below. Anybody is welcome to join in, there are absolutely no qualifying or mandatory standards required. If you can put one foot in front of the other and get to the venue under your own steam you are most welcome
The sessions operate on a rotational basis, with the Tuesday session differing from the Thursday session, so you can choose to come along to one or both depending on your level of fitness or schedule. You can do as many or as few sessions as you want to – so if only want to do Kenyan Hills that's fine. You can also choose how much of the session you want to do – if you can only mange two laps then that's OK too
So if you've never done a coached session, why not come along and try one?! All you need to do is put your name in the book (so that the coaches have an idea how many people to expect at the training venue) and pay an extra 50p into the coaching pot (£3 per track session)

Speed Endurance

This session takes place at The Hyde, and utilises a hilly 1½m circular course. It's designed to improve your speed endurance by imitating the things you will typically experience during a race. The undulating nature of the course challenges your ability to maintain your speed at a slightly faster rate than your normal race pace (hence the speed, the endurance is provided by the number of repetitions you do). It will also help you improve both your physical strength and mental attitude for dealing with hilly courses

One Mile Reps

This session is held on a circular course which starts and finishes in Fanshawe Crescent . It's designed to stretch or expand your aerobic efficiency while at the same time giving the body an “imprint” or memory of the feeling of running considerably faster than your normal 5K race pace. If you are feeling confident these can be treated as a series of time trials as the repetitive nature of this session encourages training adaptation to occur quickly and by running individual reps at a similar speed your body learns to deal with stress better

Kenyan Hills

This session uses the hill around Thunderidge village. It's designed to improve your strength and speed endurance while teaching your body to maintain an even pace so that you can run off the top of the hill (rather than slowing down to admire the view!). It also offers the opportunity to practice the mental and physical strategies for running both up and down hill. The rolling nature of the course replicates a number of local race conditions so that you can rehearse and practice your hill techniques

Timed Tempo

Held at Heath Drive this session uses the circular course of 1.6m to increase aerobic capacity in a gradual but progressive way. By repeating a number of runs of a specific distance slightly faster that your 10K race pace you become accustomed to increasing your pace during a race without feeling any undue pressure. Each repetition is made up of two circuits, which also gives you the opportunity to practice even pace running and negative splits

Paarlauf Relays

This session comes from the Swedish training method and means running in pairs. It's a form of interval training that is conducted in a fun / competitive environment. The training venue is Crane Mead industrial Estate and we run around a 250 metre circuit. The emphasis is on controlled speed, so we pair up or group runners of similar ability together to form teams. Time wise this is a short session but its also an opportunity to look at running form and tactics

Track Session

Essentially these are interval training sessions aimed at improving speed. Generally they're structured around a number of 400 or 200 metre repetitions, with a similar distance as a recovery period, run at a pace faster than your race pace. The session is preceded by a 20 minute warm up and ends with a 2 to 3 lap slow recovery jog

Up The Clock

This is a pure speed workout; the aim is to improve leg turn over, speed and running form. We use the flat section of pavement alongside The New River at Great Amwell as the training venue. The objective is to run at 95% of your absolute sprinting speed between markers placed at 50m intervals, jog slowly back to the start, run at 75% speed to the next marker and repeat the process to the next marker (going up the clock). If you are fit enough you then come down the clock by repeating the process, working back from the furthest marker


From the Swedish interpretation of speed play, this session aims to improve your speed and aerobic fitness. The normal location for this is the GSK car park. It's a fun / competitive session and runners are grouped into similar abilities to run short intervals at a constantly changing pace. This helps develop varied pacing skills and the mental toughness needed to cope with surges when racing. The session normally culminates with some short sprints (lactate shuffle session) which aims to train the body to clear the build up of lactate acid

Short Hills

Aimed at developing strength endurance, cardiovascular fitness and technique this session is held in Scotts Road . Running up hill in a fast but controlled manner places extra load on the leg muscles while the repetitions teach the body to retain a good running form under pressure